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Minelabe - CTX 3030 50 Conductive Vs. Combine - Target Masking & Falsing

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Published by Admin J in CTX 3030

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I should preface this with my soil - somewhat iron mineralized. So, I am curious if people are experiencing what follows in their soil. Pics of my finds on Finds, post dated today on CTX forum.I have noticed on a few non-ferrous targets that I get good hits in 50 Conductive and then when I switch to Combine I get an iron grunt. 50 Conductive falses MUCH MORE than Combine in my ground. Combine does seem to rule out iron better than 50 CO as when I am hunting in it I get a lot of semi-good signals (strong two ways, broken 4 ways). When I check these in Combine, 80% - 90% of those semi-good signals come out as iron, but it also seems to mask more at times which is ironic. I noticed this on the E-Trac in TTF and attributed it to my iron mineralized ground adding to already decent level of iron in the ground (pulling signals down).The following video is on a small bolt that is rusted. But I am including it because it responded JUST LIKE 1 of the 2 (identical 12-36's) Nazi pins I recovered a few minutes after I dug the bolt - but no video. (The pins didn't double beep though). The first Nazi pin hit fine in 50 CO but wouldn't hit in Combine (due to iron nearby). Then the next Nazi pin hit fine in both (no iron masking). My settings were the same in both 50 CO and Combine - recovery fast on (I tried it off as well), ferrous coin on (I tried it off and the first pin would have been lost in high trash due to a dropping Fe#). You can see in this video how switching to high trash in 50 Co rules the bolt out as iron but in Combine it never hits it no matter what. Further, it is interesting that though I get an iron tone in Combine, I'm getting a good VID above w/ cross-hairs but the splatter is a give away.Thus far, I seem to be using 50 CO as my main mode and I check targets (using the user shortcut key) with Combine. I need to dig more of the targets that only seem to hit well in 50 CO to come up with anything certain. I am very curious what others are finding by comparing the two modes.

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