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Minelab CTX 3030 on an 8" Coin - 50 Conductive & Combine - Cross checked settings

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Published by Admin J in CTX 3030

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Some observations (in my somewhat iron mineralized ground):50 Conductive & Combine[ - On targets not masked by iron they appear on par. Combine might stand out more on higher conductors due to the higher pitch and lack of warble, but they seem on par overall. (I do hope to see a variability control added to 50 Conductive to help targets to stand out more.) In iron I have found in my somewhat iron mineralized ground to prefer 50 Conductive as it seems to hit on more targets but that is a preliminary statement. You have to be careful in Combine to make sure you don't miss a target in the iron grunts - that is up to the user! It is still too early for me to say, but it seems like the settings react a bit differently in 50 Conductive and Combined, so one should learn these differences and not expect them to give the same responses. (e.g. - Ground coin in 50 Conductive might be more stable in my ground that in Combine.)Recovery Fast does clip signals on DEEPER targets. In my somewhat iron mineralized soil that is around the 7" mark or so. The CTX does NOT clip as much as the E-Trac on shallower targets imo, barely noticeable.Recover Deep seems to affect the depth reading an extra 1" or 2" on this target. Overall it sometimes seems more jumpy at fringe targets (8" - 9") in my soil. I'm leaning toward leaving it off, but will play with it more.high trash - As advertised, it is not meant for mineralized ground. It will bounce around more.ferrous coin - As advertised, it works well in my somewhat iron mineralized ground, maybe a bit better than ground coin. I have no problem with iron falsing btw.ground coin - Seems to work well, but not as well as ferrous coin in my somewhat iron mineralized ground. Since it's made for more mineralized grounds, I'd say "as advertised" regarding results.manual and auto sensitivity - If you run manual hot (or auto too hot) you will get more falsing. If manual is very hot you will get more bouncing of the VID numbers and crosshairs. That said, with the E-Trac anyway, I would run it hot to get that extra 1" or 2" and rely more on the audio. The CTX seems to be similar but not sure yet. The CTX seems to be hotter in general and I think others have said that as well.These are just my observations and experiences. Still learning but I hope that was helpful.Thanks earthmansurfer69

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