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Minelab CTX 3030 - 8" Coin - Using Combine to Check Targets (in iron)

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Published by Admin J in CTX 3030

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Very short video on how I often hunt. I use 50 Conductive primarily and check most targets in an open combine screen. Especially when you can't get a good pinpoint in 50 Conductive, switching to combine via the shortcut (user) key will allow you to see if there is iron that is causing the pinpoint to be too wide or the like, as in this video. You can of course just use the 2nd pattern in 50 Conductive (make it open) but that will get you a high tone, Combine allows you to hear the iron as an iron grunt, much easier to distinguish.Using the user button as a "last mode" shortcut button is a great way to start to learn the machine as you can easily compare signals in different "tone ID profiles". Also, on top of that, each of these profiles has two patterns, so you can compare e.g. - a minimal disc pattern to an open screen or fuller disc patter. It adds up and helps you to learn the machine quicker.Enjoy,earthmansurfer69

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